The Sluggin Moose says "From Shoeless Joe to Ryan Howard, rotational hitting is the way to go."

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11 year old Austin before and after our 7 Day Hitting Program
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Compare Your Swing
Are you Linear ?                     OR                      Rotational?
Manny & the Big League Swing
Hearing the same old stuff from the coaches?
The fact is that these are the very reasons why so many young hitter struggle against better pitching. 
Looking at the pictures of Manny and Ryan Howard, it certainly looks like they:
  • ARE dipping the back shoulder.
  • ARE keeping their front elbow UP, and the Back elbow DOWN and tucked. 
  • ARE Swinging slightly UP. 
  • DON'T throw their hands at the ball.
  • HIT the BOTTOM half of the ball.
  • DON'T Squish the Bug. Don't sit and spin!  Drive the rear leg forward. This will cause the hitter to come up on the back toe.
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High School Player - Typical swing with weight forward, front elbow down and hands chasing the ball
Rotational Hitting Student -Weight and hands back, front elbow up, swing matching the plane of the pitch. This ball went about
250 ft.
            It works for Fastpitch Softball girls too! 
Division I college player with Rotational Mechanics
FMY Hitting 
Frank Moosic - MEH Certified Instructor
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Frank Moosic - MEH Certified Instructor
245 West High Street
Hummelstown, PA 17036
We don't just sit on a bucket and throw soft toss.
We TEACH rotational swing mechanics!
Over 90% of all Hall of Fame hitters used Rotational Mechanics.  Starting with Shoeless Joe Jackson and Babe Ruth, and continuing with current day sluggers like Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols, rotational is the big league swing.  Seeing is believing, and below, you can see the transformation from a typical push forward little league swing to a hips leading the hands swing that looks very much like what Manny Ramirez is doing.
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